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Consistent, Targeted Interaction

Student retention is vital, and the key to improving start rates and re-enrollments is engagement. We keep students supported at every step, from filling out an inquiry form to donning a cap and gown. Our ability to gather data and gain insight ensures that we connect with them when they need help the most.

Better Student Experiences for Better Results

By anticipating student needs and reacting quickly when they hit a roadblock, we help our college and university partners provide more supportive and successful learning environments.

Enhanced student experience

Increased retention rates

Improved graduation rates

How It Works

We’ve developed a proven method for keeping students engaged and on the path to graduation. Our touchpoint roadmapping process, which can be customized to meet the unique needs of your institution and processes, allows us to track and manage student lifecycle milestones and triggers.

Milestones might include the beginning of classes, re-enrollment for the next semester, or final exams. Triggers are factors such as poor attendance or substandard coursework that indicate that a student is at high risk. With the technology and expertise to monitor these crucial junctures, our experts can lend support, identify problems, and connect students with the resources they need to stay on track.

Proven Results

Our expertise in managing students, encouraging strong faculty support, and improving student experiences allows us to deliver meaningful results for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Let us help you improve your term-to-term re-enrollment and year-to-year retention.

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