It’s that time of year again. A time for reflection, contemplation and clarity. A time for renewed focus on what’s important – in our lives and in our professions. If you’re an enrollment marketer, the brief corresponding reprieve from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of recruitment gives you an opportunity to step back and refocus before heading into budget season. We always suggest taking this time to be intentional about your student recruitment and retention strategy for 2019.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite articles to help you renew your focus on student recruitment in 2019. In this roundup, academics and thought leaders explore different aspects of enrollment marketing – aspects that you can incorporate into your 2019 plans.

We chose these pieces because each one reminds us of the bigger picture: that every message we send (within every channel) needs to be part of a strategic plan centered around communicating your university’s unique value and creating an experience that resonates with prospective students.

Take some time to dive into these articles and consider how your university can refocus on recruitment in 2019 by:

1. Asking The Right Questions

This article by The Guardian, Student Recruitment Strategy: Four Universities, Five Key Questions claims that to send the right message, first you have to ask yourself the right questions. The author speaks with universities in North America, Europe and Asia about how answering five simple questions is the best way to determine your messaging strategy – in 2019 and beyond.  

2. Getting Back to Basics

This AACRAO enrollment expert has learned the importance of periodically cutting through the complexity and clutter to refocus on the fundamentals of recruitment. In this article, 8 Fundamentals of Successful Student Recruitment, he explores some of those fundamentals he has found to be most important over the decades.

3. Thinking Like a Student

After hearing from one enrollment advisor that she is able to maintain compassion, patience, support and focus simply by “thinking like a student,” the author of this Blackboard article spends some time on what that really means. How can a university harness its students’ specific motivations and triggers to enhance enrollment growth and success? Student Recruitment Strategies: Think Like a Student explores practical strategies.

4. Leveraging Technology

We believe much of recruitment cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. The human aspect of the enrollment experience is crucial to the student experience, and will remain so no matter how far technology advances. However, by leveraging innovative technologies available to streamline, personalize and optimize the manual aspects of recruitment and enrollment, your staff will have more time to spend where it counts – with students. Here’s how Colleges Turn to Data and VR to Recruit Students, from EdTech.

5. Looking Further into the Future

In this expansive interview with the Evolllution, thought leader Richard DeMillo discusses the future of higher education with a focus on the industry’s need to expand its view from a standard 10 years to 20+. We recommend reading Looking to 2040: Anticipating the Future of Higher Education as a way to begin considering how your 2019 strategies will need to evolve over the next 20 years.

We hope you enjoy this roundup of articles as much as we did. And here’s to a successful 2019!