Online learning has gone mainstream in a way unimaginable only a few months ago. And even today, as the Fall semester comes into focus, answers around what might happen in the Fall still remain unclear.

As COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty of campuses and classrooms across the U.S., CHLOE 5, a project run by Eduventures and Quality Matters, offers important insights to how institutions have handled (through the end of the Spring semester) and been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. There is much more unknown than known at this point, but the report offers some insights into where major opportunities might lie for institutions seeking to serve their students in the safest way possible while providing a high-quality learning experience.

Read the report in its entirety HERE.

There is no doubt, that online learning will continue to grow in its role in higher education. But with that growth, comes a more globally competitive environment for students. If you’re interested in learning how Archer’s team of marketing, enrollment, admissions and retention experts can help your institution stand out in a crowded online landscape, reach out today. We’d be glad to discuss opportunities to help.

Archer offers a solution called Online Program Recruitment: an alternative to the traditional OPM model. It’s everything you need to grow your online programs and nothing you don’t. Our model provides end-to-end enrollment marketing, recruitment, admissions, and retention services for your already established programs. With Archer, you can:

  • Quickly and sustainably grow enrollment for your existing online programs
  • Partner closely with our team of marketing, enrollment, admissions and retention experts
  • Maintain control of program quality and delivery
  • Feel at ease with flexible, short-term contracts
  • Keep more of your enrollment dollars (no hefty rev-share)

If you’d like to learn more, contact John Goodwin at 303-807-8870 or Or you can fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.

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