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Digital PR is a powerful tool for generating positive media exposure, amplifying SEO value, and establishing credibility through high-level media placements. We harness the experience and expertise of your faculty to get your name out into the media and carve out your space as an educational thought leader.

Showcase and Spotlight

We seamlessly integrate faculty and stakeholder expertise to increase awareness of your institution’s brand.

Elevate your school and faculty’s reputation as thought leaders 

Build local and national brand awareness through placements in top publications and industry specific outlets.

Improve your school’s search ranking by obtaining the highest-quality media mentions and links 

How It Works

We set the foundation of your digital PR strategy by building personal relationships with your faculty and stakeholders so we understand their expertise. We then identify and pitch opportunities to the media.

Key Tactics

Expert Commentary

Our communications specialists know what reporters are looking for in an academic source. We get what makes a story trend. We leverage our relationships with the media — and members of the media know to come to us for academic sources when they need one.

Bylines and Ghostwriting

Contributed articles — such as a guest post or op-ed — serve as great opportunities for faculty members to give their opinions on trending topics, truly positioning them as thought leaders.

Faculty members have the option to either write the articles themselves or allow our expert team of former journalists to ghostwrite pieces for them. Regardless, each article will be published under the faculty member’s name.

Proven Results

We have extensive experience placing schools and stakeholders in a blend of national, local, and industry-specific publications and news outlets, including The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Salon, Harvard Business Review, Best Colleges, IEEE, Accounting Today, CyberWire, CNN, local NBC TV affiliates, and many more. Our team will expand your school’s reputation as a national thought leader and participant in important discussions about the issues that matter to you, your faculty, and your students — while also building quality backlinks for SEO that influence search rankings and act as vital trust signals for Google.

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