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Customized Web Experience

We build custom content and user experience structures that meet your institution’s needs and address users’ needs through responsive, performant, and maintainable technologies.  

Our web team can provide a variety of necessary and quality web services:

  • Design and develop a completely new website
  • Optimize webpages for performance on targeted devices
  • Build using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Incorporate themes and templates into content management systems (CMSs)

By providing targeted marketing sections that reflect your institution’s brand, an Archer-built site can target specific actions and deliver unique experiences without impacting the performance, analytics, or codebase of your institution’s main site.

Quick, Efficient, and User-Friendly

By building only what’s needed and leaving out extraneous technologies and plug-ins, we make sure your website loads fast, responds to user interaction, and can be easily updated to meet the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Faster load times

More responsive design

Better experiences for users

How It Works

By collaborating with SEO, CRO, UX, and design, our web development team chooses the best technologies to support your unique goals. 

We can host the site for you or work with your current host to develop custom code delivered through an intuitive content management system.

Key Tactics

Technology Requirements

We can help define the technologies and environments (Archer-hosted or self-hosted) you need to build and manage an effective website.

Code Build

We use a version-control system and unit testing to check your website throughout the build process to create stable, modern, reusable code and keep defect discovery surprises to a minimum.

Quality Assurance Testing

Before launch, our team reviews and tests your site on all major web browsers. We also test across the devices your prospective students use most.

Proven Results

We’ve launched a multitude of high-performing, high-converting landing pages in WordPress and Unbounce for our partners. We’ve also built new microsites for the online programs for Peru State and Athens State, which have increased potential student engagement in the enrollment process.

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