The higher ed landscape is rapidly changing. The student demographic continues to evolve and online programs have experienced growth while overall enrollment numbers have declined. Across the board, colleges and universities have identified online programs as an opportunity to meet shifting student needs while also growing enrollment. However, simply launching them isn’t enough. There are many determining factors when it comes to successfully building, launching, and growing online programs. If your institution is struggling to achieve meaningful growth, then this e-Book is for you.

Archer’s latest e-Book will help you identify and eliminate five common roadblocks keeping your institution from achieving enrollment growth for its online programs.

Download your free copy now and discover how to better align recruitment-marketing investments around your institution’s goals and maximize enrollment for your online programs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Investing for growth: How to align your institution around realistic expectations for investment and growth
  • The role of geography: How and when to approach geographic expansion
  • Demand creation and capture: How and why you need to invest in both
  • Admissions: Creating an infrastructure for success
  • When to ask for help: Why you need to hire experts