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Archer Education helps institutions build and manage essential online operations internally.

Universities know their mission, students, and goals best. We’re here to help them scale that expertise through effective operational design while ensuring the institution retains ownership.

Strategic Planning

Strategically evaluate opportunities, risks, and program viability to optimize performance, enhance institutional growth, and expand into new markets

Change Management

Facilitate change with comprehensive planning, community engagement, and knowledge transfer support for organizational adaptability

Performance Management

Enhance conversion and retention rates through tailored strategies, processes, service levels, optimizations, and innovative tools

Online is the future of higher education.

Creating a world-class online student experience takes institution-wide operational excellence and collaboration. 

Scaling operations, centralizing online programs, and launching new programs aren’t linear processes. Our organizational development and design approach is flexible and responsive to your specific and evolving situations, opportunities, and needs.

Core Tenets of Online Success

What steps are necessary to support an engaging, personalized end-to-end online student experience? 

  1. Create a development roadmap by completing a risk and readiness assessment
  2. Design the people, process, and technology infrastructure required to efficiently manage online operations
  3. Identify your strategic targets and desired outcomes
  4. Increase communication, transparency, and accountability across operational teams
  5. Perform continuous and iterative improvement and opportunity analysis

A Growth Plan for the Future

Every university has a unique set of circumstances. Some may be experiencing declining enrollments, starting or scaling up online learning programs, building a leadership and delivery team for the future – or all of the above. 

Having a strategic vision for the future of your university is a great start, but developing buy-in across leadership, engaging distributed teams, and building an outcomes-focused culture are essential elements of success. 

Online success relies on the right design and development of people, processes, and technology to create the ideal student experience. 

Through decades of experience, we’ve learned that success isn’t found in a template. It’s about respecting culture and values, finding critical intersections, and rallying around a common goal. Archer is a people-first strategy and development partner. Together, we build and grow your market-aligned online and post-traditional higher education operations so you are in control.

Capacity Through Partnership

At Archer Education, we believe the best partnerships share openly, build collaboratively, and optimize relentlessly, ensuring you can own and manage your world-class operations in-house.

The colleges and universities we work with are often in one of three stages:

1. Newer to Online: Relatively new to online education, especially within core academic units, and would like to build their institutional-level online operations right from the beginning

2. Seasoned: Experienced in online education, with operations in varying states of maturity at the academic-unit level, and would like to centralize for efficiency and effectiveness

3. Ready for New Frontiers: Scaled in online education regionally, and seeking new markets and opportunities

Partnering with Archer

Our partnerships succeed best when they start with a deep discovery process. Most of our partners are thriving universities with strong teams who want to improve and prepare for their next phase. 

Our approach? We work side by side with you to discover and then build, grow, and optimize your internal operations, transferring knowledge along the way so that you can run everything in-house.

We have found this approach works best across four key stages:

1. Readiness for Reinvention: We’ll help you identify opportunities and design operations to enhance performance and support institutional growth.

2. Operational Excellence: Together, we’ll build, implement, and optimize solutions to promote operational efficiency.

3. People Development: We’ll work with key stakeholders on your teams to take ownership of optimized institutional processes, technology, and roadmaps.

4. Growth Opportunities: With a scalable and sustainable operational model in place, you and your internal teams are strategically poised for success. Let’s find your new horizons together.

Let’s build a plan for the future.