Engagement technology and story-based marketing companies combine to modernize enrollment management  

We have some exciting news to share with the higher education world: Archer Education, an education technology company, and Circa Interactive, a higher education digital marketing agency, are joining forces to modernize the online student enrollment experience. By combining under the Archer Education banner, we are taking a pivotal step in building an enrollment journey platform that puts an even greater emphasis on the student experience, marking an important advancement for our clients, our teams, and higher education. 

Why did we decide to unite? With institutions navigating rapid change in the marketplace, both Archer and Circa recognized the need for forward-thinking solutions to serve the modern student and workforce. From finding new ways to connect with prospective students to embracing emerging learning modalities, such as short courses and credentials, institutions now need to reimagine how they engage with and retain today’s nontraditional learners.  

This growing market need brought Circa and Archer together, with the shared mission of personalizing the student journey through engagement technology and using storytelling to propel learners from first touchpoint to graduation.

How Will Archer Help Institutions Thrive?

By combining Archer’s best-in-class analytics, technology, and performance marketing talent with Circa’s pioneering storytelling, persona-based marketing, and SEO services, Archer is building a scalable end-to-end experience through its enrollment journey platform. We believe this platform will help institutions revolutionize the online student recruitment, engagement, and retention experience.

We know that each institution has unique goals and constraints, whether they pertain to budget, resources, infrastructure, or size. Therefore, we are committed to customizing our models — from fee-for-service to bundle packages to revenue shares — to best serve our partners’ goals and help them stand out in the marketplace. Through our combined solutions, Archer is committed to helping its partners achieve the following objectives: 

  • Inspire students to take action through engaging stories 
  • Improve the student journey through technology and automation 
  • Holistically integrate cutting-edge technologies with institutions of all sizes
  • Reduce recruitment costs and empower the ability to scale

Our Shared Values and Vision

Archer and Circa found commonality in more than just a shared vision to improve higher education: We are grounded in the belief that education is the true equalizer in society and that greater access to education is the key to social mobility and improving one’s life. We recognize the transformational impact of education on communities and students, and we strive to make higher education more accessible and customizable to meet the needs of today’s learners.

To that end, we are dedicated to bringing something different to the higher education market. We believe that offering students a personalized journey, a powerful story, and flexibility is key to sustainable institutional success.

Join Us on Our Journey Forward

We have never been more excited about the future of higher education and our role in enhancing the positive impact of our institutional partners. Every step of the way, we ensure students are primed for success — because when students succeed, institutions succeed.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you meet your unique goals.