Listen Now: Attention Retention, Episode 1

Together with our friends at Enrollify, Archer Education is bringing you a podcast about attracting and retaining the modern, adult learner. Listen in every other Tuesday this summer for Attention Retention: a six-part series with Angie Mohr, Clayton Dean, and Zach Busekrus.

Episode 1: Higher Ed Has a Product Problem — Here’s How to Fix It

In this episode, Angie, Clayton, and Zach unpack the challenges with major and program relevance in higher ed. Together, they discuss ideas for how to design, develop and promote majors and programs that meet market needs and consumer demands. 

Inside this episode:

  • Higher ed’s branding problem in the marketplace: Fewer students are going to college and pop culture is challenging the relevance of college
  • The rising popularity of alternative education: Bootcamps, certificate programs, and upskilling
  • Why higher ed must meet the job market demand — and how the job market is changing at an unprecedented place 
  • Ideas for how to partner with leaders in the workforce 
  • The emergence of “Chief Product Officer” at institutions
  • How product as a differentiator can attract and retain the attention of adult students 

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About Attention Retention

Attention Retention is a six-part podcast series focusing on attracting, enrolling, and retaining adult learners. This series features Angie Mohr, SVP of Student Engagement, Clayton Dean, SVP of Agency & Partnership Management, and Zach Busekrus from Enrollify. The group explores a new topic on each episode, including the current state of higher education, unique challenges and opportunities of non-traditional learners, how to compete and stand-out amongst national brands, and more. 

Attention Retention is created in partnership with Enrollify