Audience Intelligence

Work Smarter — Know Your Target Audience

Use Audience Intelligence to Better Understand Your Students

Understanding who your students are, what they care about, and how to communicate with them is crucial to developing a cohesive, sustainable, and differentiated marketing strategy. This is the crux of how personas are formed, and these in-depth, actionable insights are key to an engaging and holistic student journey experience. 

Audience intelligence is foundational. It has the power to transform the way you connect with students. Therefore, it can (and should) be the first step in your strategy development process. 

Discover Actionable Insights with Audience Intelligence

Audience intelligence consists of actionable data and insights around current and prospective students, including demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data. We draw these insights from a multitude of sources, including proprietary data, surveys, interviews and focus groups, analytics, and other market research and behavioral tools. 

Understanding who your students are on a deeper level will allow you to create differentiated experiences that resonate with your target audiences across all touchpoints — paid media, SEO, content marketing, social media, digital PR, and more. This omnichannel approach creates sustained student demand at a lower cost.

Audience intelligence can ensure your offerings are:

Aligning with core audience motivations to increase the likelihood of recruiting high-intent students

Highly relevant and engaging to your audience

Consistent with other user-based content or brand experiences

Differentiated from your competition

Targeted and impactful, helping to lower lead generation costs

How Audience Intelligence Works

Audience intelligence is an integral part of our process and especially important when we start working with a new partner. This foundation informs all subsequent strategies across services and departments.

Key Tactics

Persona Profiles

Our first step is developing advanced, data-driven student personas as part of our strategic marketing guide. Using a variety of internal research tools and discovery interviews with key stakeholders, we create actionable sample persona profiles that represent different groups within your target audience.

Audience Intelligence Reports

Our audience intelligence reports go a step further than personas, providing both general audience and channel-specific insights that can be leveraged in everything from SEO, content, and digital PR to paid advertising, social media, and more.

Paid Media Handoff Documents

We know that student personas can sometimes be difficult for your internal team to translate into paid channels. Our handoff documents provide detailed targeting options that can be applied directly to paid channels, making it easy for you to implement our insights in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the Google Display Network.

Proven Results with Audience Intelligence

We partner with diverse institutions, and — across the board — we’ve seen the impact that audience intelligence can have. We can help you know your audience and improve the student enrollment journey.

Decreased lead cost

Increased number of applicants and enrolled students 

Enhanced student engagement 

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