Catch Students’ Attention — and Keep It

Visualize Success

Video is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool. It can help establish your brand, create more engaging paid ads, nurture leads, boost PR efforts, and drive traffic through compelling blog content. In short, video is one of the most effective and efficient ways to engage students throughout their journey.

Video With Impact

Our custom video services are cost-effective — so you can expand your brand while reducing the overall cost per student. The videos we create for you can be tailored to fit any need, from long-form features to short clips ideal for social media and remarketing efforts.

Increase student engagement through compelling content

Attract and retain students throughout their journey

Optimize for a variety of channels through highly customizable assets

How It Works

Our video producers capture interviews and video assets remotely, saving time and travel costs. We can also incorporate video assets your university already has in its archives. 

Our typical video production process takes about 10 weeks. We collaborate with your team through critical steps: initial discovery, brainstorming, casting, storyboard approval, filming, post-production, and final approval. 

Key Tactics

Long-Form Videos

Long-form videos are 60 to 90 seconds and use a combination of faculty, alumni, student, and donor voices to highlight program benefits or provide customized messaging. They’re great for landing pages, SEO and social media posts.

Short-Form Videos

Our short-form videos are essentially cutdowns of long forms. We can break any long-form video we produce into multiple short videos that you can use for lead nurturing through paid ads, CTV, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

Proven Results

Leveraging the latest technology to facilitate interviews, we’re able to capture and produce high-quality videos without needing to visit your campus, so you’ll be able to more effectively engage prospective students without breaking the bank. Plus, we help you expand your brand awareness and reduce your overall cost per student.

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