Social Media for Higher Education

Prospective Students Are Always on Social Media — and You Should Be Too

Using Social Media for Higher Education to Find, Engage, and Retain Students

Social media marketing is vital to your success in an increasingly digital and competitive landscape. Social strategy goes beyond just posting content — it’s a highly technical process involving in-depth competitor analysis, content creation, testing, and social monitoring. Our higher education social media experts know how to use the latest tactics to tell your university’s story in a way that resonates with students.

Benefits of Social Media for Higher Education

There are dozens of reasons why you should be using social media to your advantage. But let’s cut straight to the chase: Instagram and Facebook are where your prospective students spend their time. You should be there too.

Attract more students to drive enrollment

Gain a deeper understanding of your students’ attitudes, motivations, and behaviors

Boost brand awareness and affinity

Give students a go-to resource when they need support

Foster an active community of potential, current, and former students

How Social Media Works

Before we start building your social strategy, we conduct a discovery call with your key stakeholders to get a deeper understanding of your program, UVPs, and business goals. From there, we strategize how to use social media for the greatest impact.

We factor timing, trends, and social climate into our content development process to ensure your content is timely, approachable, and culturally relevant. And we continue to refine your social strategy after your content goes live, analyzing social performance metrics and competitor presence so you stay ahead of the game.

Key Social Media Tactics

Holistic Social Media Reports

We provide social media reports both quarterly and monthly. Quarterly reports provide detailed metrics on audience growth, engagement, demographics, and content performance. Monthly reports give you high-level insight into top-performing content and trends. All of this data helps us refine your social strategy and attract more high-quality prospective students for your program.

Competitor Analysis Reports

We also provide competitor analysis reports quarterly and monthly. Quarterly reports feature performance metrics on your competitors’ social channels. Referencing your current top competitors, we give you insight into key metrics, such as followers, engagement, and @mentions. Our monthly reports provide a more granular analysis of specific content performance so we can fine-tune the following month’s content.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is a great way to understand and respond to what prospective students are saying about a brand. By responding to social posts and keeping prospective students engaged, we help your brand build authentic relationships with your audience.

Social Media Content Calendars

Staying organized is the key to effective social strategy. We develop comprehensive social calendars to make sure we’re highlighting the most compelling news and updates about your program, faculty, students, and alums.

Social Media for Higher Education: Proven Results

The benefits of social media in higher education are strong. Our social media experts have helped many institutions create strategies, tactics, and social content that drive real results — from better lead generation and recruitment to stronger brand awareness and community engagement. Discover how social media can work for your institution.

Better engagement across platforms

Increased leads and web traffic

More loyal students and alums

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