Content Marketing for Higher Education

Engage, Inform, and Inspire Your Future Students

Storytelling in Marketing

Content marketing is the art of using creative storytelling to amplify your message and inspire action. Well-crafted blogs, profiles, infographics, videos, and social media posts can help you guide prospective students down the path from awareness to enrollment.

At Archer, we believe that content marketing is one of the most effective ways for higher ed institutions to make meaningful connections and establish trust with prospective students. Our content consistently meets high standards for quality, helps our partners achieve their strategic goals, and reflects the unique story of every institution we work with.

Benefits of Higher Education Content Marketing

Quality higher-ed marketing content doesn’t bombard potential students with superficial messaging — it provides real value, makes people think, and builds connections that lead to conversions. We can provide the strategic direction, expertise, and resources to tell your story effectively and get your audience excited about everything your program has to offer.

Increase web traffic and raise brand awareness

Promote faculty thought leadership and showcase program outcomes

Generate new leads and convert leads into applicants

Grow enrollment

Reduce cost per lead

How Content Marketing Works

To ensure our content resonates with the students you hope to enroll, we begin by exploring the qualities that make your program special: your values, unique selling points, and target audience. We look for details in your curricula and learning outcomes that make your program stand out. Most importantly, we listen to the stories of your faculty, students, and alumni, learning how they reflect the personality of your institution and what they admire most about it.

Weaving together the themes we’ve uncovered, we develop a content strategy that’s tailored to your goals, whether you’re looking to drive relevant traffic to your website, promote faculty thought leadership, or inspire future students to take the next step toward enrollment. Finally, we produce a content mix that supports the strategy we’ve laid out, using best practices for SEO, link building, and social media, as well as other proven tactics, to maximize visibility and engagement.

Content Marketing Tactics

Full-Funnel Engagement

We develop content that engages prospective students at every stage of the enrollment marketing funnel: top-funnel content that provides useful information and raises awareness; mid-funnel content that demonstrates the value of your program; and bottom-funnel content that inspires readers to take action and become leads.

SEO and Link Building

High-performing organic SEO content can help your institution meet enrollment goals while reducing your cost per lead. By strategically targeting relevant keywords and building high-quality backlinks, we can boost your website’s visibility in search results and significantly increase organic search traffic.

Faculty Thought Leadership

Including the voices of expert faculty members in your content is an excellent way to emphasize your institution’s thought leadership and build trust with potential students. Our team of experienced writers can interview professors and incorporate their insights into profile pieces and articles about timely issues within their areas of expertise.

Rigorous Content Quality Standards

Our writers and editors have years of professional experience in higher-ed content marketing, journalism, communications, and industry research. All content goes through multiple rounds of editorial review to ensure that every piece meets our high standards for quality and aligns with your institution’s preferred voice and style.

Let Us Tell Your Story

Our editorial team excels in developing content marketing tactics that work to boost student engagement at your institution. Explore how creative storytelling can help shine a spotlight on your higher ed programs and increase conversions.

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