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Leveraging the Power of Information

Gathering and interpreting data is at the core of everything we do. From developing marketing content that generates interest in your program to enabling career services engagement with graduating students, we support the student journey with technology and services that are informed by — and customized for — your students.

Seamless Integration, Scalable Service

The key to turning diverse datasets into actionable insights is the Archer Student Hub. It gives us the ability to quickly integrate your student information systems with our digital experience and student engagement platforms.

Fast integration

Interoperability with existing information systems

Scalable and configurable services

How It Works

The Archer Student Hub allows us to work seamlessly with your internal systems (CRM, LMS, and student information) to leverage data ranging from student performance measurements to registration and financial aid information. These datasets serve as the inputs that power our automated processes and concierge services, enabling functions such as engagement triggers and the measurement and reporting abilities that underpin all of our services.

Proven Results

Our technology allows us to work in tandem with your information systems and staff to support the student journey. Our rapid implementation and performance management capabilities can help you quickly drive higher-than-average enrollment and retention rates. 

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