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Archer’s Employment Philosophy

At Archer Education, changing lives is what motivates us. We understand that a student’s educational journey is a transformative experience, which is why we hire confident, motivated people that are passionate about making an impact. Our teams are built with talent from various backgrounds including marketing, higher ed, and technology, to name just a few, because we believe that differing and diverse perspectives are key to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Our employees are the soul of our company, and we treat them as such, giving them the tools and flexibility to cultivate a strong work/life balance that translates to fulfillment both in the workplace and beyond!

Excelling at Work and at Life

We’re proud to offer benefits that help you do your best both in and out of work.

Competitive Compensation

Our goal is to hire talented, passionate people. To make that happen, we’ve put together together comprehensive compensation packages that include:

  • Competitive salaries, so you feel motivated to put forth your best work   
  • 401k contributions, so you can confidently plan for your future (unless you want to work for us forever, that’s okay too)
  • Growth opportunities, so you can continue advancing towards your goals
  • Employee referral bonuses, so you can feel empowered to help Archer grow and be rewarded when your referrals lead us to high-quality people

Continuing Education Reimbursement

We believe in the power of education — especially for our employees. After one year, we offer all of our employees an annual education stipend to help them hone their existing skills or develop entirely new ones.

Employee Assistance Initiatives

We provide many tools to help our employees lead happy lives including free counseling, legal, and financial services, family leave plans, and adjusted summer hours (we have an office by the beach, so why not take advantage of it in the summer?). Plus, socials, happy hours, and retreats.

Flexible Schedule

Not everyone works the same way. Some people love working in the high-energy environment of our offices. Others prefer to get their tasks done at home on their own schedule — as demonstrated by our many remote employees across the four-time zones. We’re not interested in dictating how, when, or where our teams work. Instead, we give the freedom to produce at the quality we know they’re capable of. 

And if you need time from work entirely? We’ve got your back — Archer employees receive up to three weeks of PTO every year, 12 company-wide holidays, and sick leave days.  

Awards and Employee Recognition

We believe in prioritizing our people. When great people get recognized, it feeds into a positive and supportive work environment. That’s why we offer a Bonusly program where coworkers can award one another for their hard work and host monthly Archie Awards to give a variety of prizes for outstanding efforts.

Our Values

Belonging Matters

Creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is fundamental to our success. We are committed to listening, educating ourselves, and taking action from this moment on.

Cherish Teamwork

We leave egos, personal motivations, and stubbornness at the door to create a constructive, open-minded, and supportive workplace.

Never Stop Learning

Our work is never done, and we never settle. Every project is an opportunity to evolve outside our comfort zone and develop innovative new strategies.  

Partnership First

We aren’t in the business of transactional relationships; we form collaborative partnerships to deliver lasting impact.

Ask the Right Questions

Education is the great societal equalizer, so we strive to make education more accessible, relevant, and actionable for every type of adult learner through strategic discovery with our partners.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

We believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace — where employees feel safe, comfortable, and valued when they show up exactly as they are — is key to creating a culture of belonging. And we’re committed to fostering this environment at Archer. Every Archer employee has a voice, regardless of background, race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.

We encourage all our employees to exercise their voice in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Employee Resource Group, a Circles for Women group, or our mentorship program.

We offer an anonymous, third-party reporting system for our partners and team members to share concerns and protect their voices.

Ready to Make an Impact?

If you want a career, not a job; if you want to feel fulfilled, not complacent; if you want to apply your skills to a greater purpose, not profit margins — we want to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for talented, purpose-driven professionals who are passionate about education.

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