Conversion Rate Optimization and User Experience

Make the Most of Your Leads

This Is Your Chance to Connect With Students

Many marketing agencies implement paid media or SEO campaigns without using a critical foundation of digital strategy — conversion rate optimization (CRO).

CRO provides value to the enrollment marketing and recruitment processes by optimizing the full life cycle of a prospective student’s journey — from relevant audience targeting (personas) and awareness (ads) to research (user experience) and enrollment (conversion).

UX builds on this foundation by ensuring each of your brand touchpoints is intuitive, easy to navigate, and highly relevant to prospective students. Simply put, the easier it is to navigate the enrollment process, the more likely it is for a prospective student to enroll.

Knowing where the opportunities are and when to maximize them, we can help you build relationships with prospective students and nurture them toward conversion.

Start Smart

At Archer, we provide a comprehensive conversion strategy from the start in order to meet your enrollment end goals. Implementing an effective CRO strategy from the beginning may benefit your organization with:

More qualified leads, applications, and students

Lower costs per lead, per application, and per student

Happier, more loyal students

How It Works

Archer’s CRO and testing team can provide several services to meet your needs. Through a comprehensive CRO and testing strategy or a la carte CRO services, we elevate your enrollment marketing and recruitment strategy.

Key Tactics

Comprehensive CRO and Testing Strategy

We provide comprehensive audit, analysis, and optimizations for every touchpoint between your marketing strategy and prospective students.

CRO Audit and Recommendations

Our CRO experts analyze your current conversion and user experience. We look at both quantitative and qualitative data to understand the full performance picture.

A/B or Multivariate Testing

We can apply an industry-leading CRO and testing framework to determine what elements and factors should be used for running A/B experiments.

Usability Testing

Through usability testing, we help you better understand your site visitors and make important optimizations to improve enrollment.

Testing Setup and Implementation

Our CRO experts can explore various testing platforms (Google Optimize, Unbounce, etc.) to optimize your institution’s marketing experience.

Proven Results

Over a dozen institutions have utilized our CRO and testing services to generate more qualified leads, applications, and new students at lower costs.

We’ve helped our university partners increase conversion rates by an average of 25 to 75% in the short run and by over 100% in the long run.

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