Creative and Brand Strategy

Outshine the Competition

A Deeper Connection

A stellar institutional brand gains visibility in a crowded marketplace and builds deeper connections with your target audience. We develop creative and messaging that illuminate your brand’s strengths and unique values to attract and convert high-quality students.

The Right Mix of Messaging and Creative

Our goal is to attract prospective students’ attention, drive engagement, and facilitate action. We build brands, creative, and messaging that elevates visibility, enhances name recognition, and drives engagement.

Generate brand awareness and unify your marketing strategies

Increase branded search and web traffic

Grow engagement in paid social channels

Capture conversions at the lowest cost

Develop a deeper connection with students

How It Works

Our expert copywriters, editors, designers, and content strategists work closely with your faculty and stakeholders to uncover and communicate your institution’s mission. 

Only after we understand why a school and program exist can we proceed with the more strategically focused “4 W’s”: who, what, when, and where. It’s a formative exercise that empowers you to connect with your prospective students anywhere in their journey — from aspiration to application.

Key Tactics

Discovery Interviews

First, we conduct interviews with key stakeholders from your institution — faculty, staff, leadership, students, and alums. Then, we compile our findings, deliver key takeaways to your team, and use what we learned to develop your strategic marketing guide (SMG).

Moodboard Sessions

As we develop your SMG, we want to ensure we’re fully capturing the mission and aesthetic of your institution, so we conduct some moodboard sessions with your team to workshop our initial messaging and creative concepts.

Strategic Marketing Guide and Brand Strategy

We give you a comprehensive strategic marketing guide that provides the foundational brand and creative strategy for your institution or program. It outlines your unique value propositions, the brand architecture, target audiences and personas, messaging, and creative themes that can be tested in market.

Launch Assets and Testing

Once we have approval on the SMG, we begin developing your new assets, optimizing them for your audience’s unique needs and motivations. We also create a testing strategy that will allow us to identify the best-performing creative, messaging, and audiences. We use this data to continually refine your strategy and assets.

Creative Refresh

To ensure your creative and messaging don’t stagnate, we conduct a creative refresh every six months. This includes creating new themes and messaging to test, as well as making adjustments to program information and audiences.

Steady-State Assets

Our team also provides ongoing creative support and development for any assets you need after launch — from nurturing drip emails to remarketing ads and promotional videos.

Proven Results

Our approach works. We’ve helped brands increase quality traffic to their websites, improve conversion rates, cultivate brand awareness, foster engagement, and attract high-quality leads at a lower cost.

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