Performance Marketing and Lead Generation for Higher Education

We Bring the Students to You

Delivering High-Quality Lead Generation

Our performance marketing team can help you increase your brand exposure, inquiry volume, applications, and enrollments. We’ll craft a campaign based on your goals and needs. Whether you choose to buy based on cost per click or per lead — or both — you’ll have access to our proprietary network. Harness the power of nearly 2 million education prospects each month, representing interest in a wide range of programs and degree levels.

How We Use Predictive Modeling

Our proprietary predictive modeling technology matches your institution with the highest-intent, highest-quality prospects, leading to stronger conversions and increased enrollment. Our performance marketing services span a variety of channels and are offered at scale and at a competitive cost per lead and cost per click.

Competitive cost per lead (CPL) and cost per click (CPC)

Evenly paced lead volume throughout each month

Increased conversion and enrollment rates

How We Can Help You Generate Leads

  1. Access Archer’s audience of nearly 2 million high-intent prospective students each month through a variety of internal and external marketing channels and sources — such as paid and organic search, social media ads, and more.
  1. Match prospective students with the programs that best fit their needs by cross-referencing user-submitted data that correlates positively to conversion with your unique audience characteristics.
  1. Engage prospects using messaging specific to a program or area of study and redirect them to the appropriate registration path.
  1. Direct students to select which offers they’re interested in exploring and post that data to our partner CRMs to follow up and engage your new leads.
  1. Leverage extensive analytics and automation suites to consistently update client conversion data and inform our proprietary predictive models to improve targeting — enabling you to recruit the prospects who are most likely to convert.
  2. Take the guesswork and manual allocation out of the equation with our proprietary CPQ technology, which uses an automated, real-time, data-driven approach to managing media placement, campaign pacing, and quality optimization.

Connecting the Right Students to Your Programs

Establishing quality lead generation strategies for our higher education partners is important to us. 

We’ve successfully built client-specific predictive models for our performance marketing products to optimize performance, leading to improved conversion rates, as well as lower costs per lead and per click.

We’ve also helped partners scale lead volume for specific program areas, micro-target specific geographic areas, and target military-specific audiences.

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