Campus Explorer is now Archer Education. Here’s Why.

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve changed our name from Campus Explorer to Archer Education. While the reasons for doing so may be obvious to everyone who works here, I realize that people outside the company might be wondering why we did it.

When we founded the company back in 2006 the digital world was a very different place. The iPhone wouldn’t be released for another year, MySpace had more traffic than Facebook, and online education was still struggling to gain acceptance from students, educators and employers. In only 12 years, we’ve fundamentally changed the way we use the Internet, and online education is now by far the fastest growing segment in higher education.

Similarly, our company’s mission has also changed over the years. What started out as a simple web portal to help colleges and universities showcase themselves to prospective students quickly grew into a suite of products, services and technologies aimed at helping colleges recruit students online more effectively and efficiently than ever before. However, until now, our name has remained stuck in the past, narrowly defining us as a web portal when we have so much more to offer.

Now in 2018, we have rapidly growing headquarters in both Los Angeles and Kansas City and we’re continually expanding our capabilities. In the past year we’ve helped nearly 1,200 colleges in the U.S. recruit students and we’ve worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as a leading provider of digital advertising solutions for Higher Education. As we look towards the future, our vision is to be the most effective, tech-forward marketing and recruitment partner for the colleges we serve, helping them enroll more students that graduate.

So why did we choose the name Archer?  Most importantly, we wanted a name that would remain relevant as we continue to add new products and services and find better ways to help the colleges and universities we serve. To create a name that we would never outgrow, we knew we needed to move beyond descriptive names like “Campus Explorer” and towards words that are more evocative and have a deeper connection to our values and the way we help our clients. Archer was a word that we connected with immediately because it reminds us of so many of the positive attributes that are key to our value proposition: skill, accuracy, efficiency, precision and mastery.

So welcome to Archer Education, and thank you for taking a moment to learn why we love our new brand!

Brian Hartnack
CEO, Archer Education