This strategic partnership supports innovation in the Tulane online student experience.

Tulane University’s online student experience is poised for enhancement through a strategic partnership with Archer Education to bolster online growth enablement. This collaboration will concentrate on developing Tulane’s internal marketing, enrollment, and retention capabilities, aiming to centralize and strengthen its online operations in-house.

“The Tulane faculty have created some spectacular online academic programs, and with Archer’s partnership, we will be able to reach more potential students, help them make better choices about whether our program is right for them, and provide more meaningful and impactful support as they journey from applicant to student to Tulane degree holder,” said Robin Forman, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

With an existing, robust portfolio of online master’s programs, Tulane has committed to providing world-class education on a global scale. 

This partnership will focus on centralizing and strengthening Tulane’s online internal operations and student journey, and position the university for long-term success.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Tulane University again, this time on a larger scale to impact the holistic online student experience,” said Brad Gibbs, Chief Growth Officer at Archer.

“It’s a gift to work with teams that are as invested and dedicated as the people at Tulane,” said John Goodwin, EVP of Growth Enablement at Archer. “We’re looking forward to carrying that passion throughout the online student experience.”

This partnership continues Archer’s online growth enablement approach, which empowers universities to build leadership, and strategic vision, and strengthen internal teams.

About Tulane University
Tulane University has a long history at the forefront of education, blending top-tier research, engaging faculty, and community impact. Tulane is the model for online education, offering bachelor’s and master’s programs.

About Archer Education
Since 2006, Archer Education has helped bridge more than 10 million students to a higher education institution. Archer continues to grow and bring innovative advisory, enrollment marketing, admissions, and retention services to higher education partners across the United States. 

Archer’s online growth enablement approach includes organizational development, consulting, and market research services. Archer’s deep understanding of the higher education landscape and commitment to fostering independence in partners makes Archer is the unique partner for institutions looking to enhance their operations and better serve their communities and students. Learn more at

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