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Together with our friends at Enrollify, Archer Education is bringing you a podcast about attracting and retaining the modern, adult learner. Listen in every other Tuesday this summer for Attention Retention: a six-part series with Angie Mohr, Clayton Dean, and Zach Busekrus.

Episode 2: The Future Of Recruitment Is Niche: Reimagining Student Persona Development

In this episode, Angie, Clayton, and Zach talk through the importance of researching and talking to niche audiences. Mass personalization doesn’t stand out in today’s market of hyper-personalized campaigns and advertisements.

Inside this episode:

  • A new framework for student persona development — beyond demographics, here’s what it looks like to dig deep into niche psychographic profiling for student personas
  • Why schools may need to focus on specific audiences to offer a clear, more compelling vision for success
  • A look at successful, tailored marketing campaign from Archer partners
  • Ideas for modern, targeted marketing and student recruitment campaigns
  • How niche recruitment will enable an increase in quality attention and engagement

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About Attention Retention

Attention Retention is a six-part podcast series focusing on attracting, enrolling, and retaining adult learners. This series features Angie Mohr, SVP of Student Engagement, Clayton Dean, SVP of Agency & Partnership Management, and Zach Busekrus from Enrollify. The group explores a new topic on each episode, including the current state of higher education, unique challenges and opportunities of non-traditional learners, how to compete and stand-out amongst national brands, and more.

Attention Retention is created in partnership with Enrollify.

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