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Together with our friends at Enrollify, Archer Education is bringing you a podcast about attracting and retaining the modern, adult learner. Listen in every other Tuesday this summer for Attention Retention: a six-part series with Angie Mohr, Clayton Dean, and Zach Busekrus.

Episode 4: How to Compete in a Market When Your School Doesn’t Have a National Brand

In this episode, Angie, Clayton, and Zach brainstorm marketing strategies and approaches for universities and colleges with limited resources and smaller brands. Explore ways to level up your branding, marketing campaigns, and student recruitment efforts.

Inside this episode:

  • It’s not more with less, it’s better with less. Explore building a personalized experience with the resources you have
  • Tips to build organic attention without a football team or Top 50 US News & World Report ranking
  • Inside distinction charts: explore where your brand is marginally and measurably different
  • Channels & tactics where underdogs can shine (and which ones to avoid)
  • Breaking down budget spend for brand and marketing

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About Attention Retention

Attention Retention is a six-part podcast series focusing on attracting, enrolling, and retaining adult learners. This series features Angie Mohr, SVP of Student Engagement, Clayton Dean, SVP of Agency & Partnership Management, and Zach Busekrus from Enrollify. The group explores a new topic on each episode, including the current state of higher education, unique challenges and opportunities of non-traditional learners, how to compete and stand-out amongst national brands, and more.

Attention Retention is created in partnership with Enrollify.

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