Listen now: Your go-to-market strategy for new, online graduate programs

Listen in to our newest higher ed podcast series with our friends at Enrollify: How to Market an Online Graduate Program. In this special, 4-part series we’ll unpack the essential strategies for designing a marketing strategy for a new, online graduate program. With each episode, we’ll examine a different year of the marketing cycle and how to grow your program enrollments.

To start the series, the group covers the key differences between marketing in-person graduate programs and online graduate programs.
Spoiler: Schools that are successful in marketing online programs tailor their strategies to the online student experience.

In this episode, Angie Mohr and John Goodwin talk with Enrollify’s Zach Busekrus about:

  • Using paid social and search effectively
  • Balancing paid and organic efforts for long-term sustainability
  • Strategies for program launch, year one, and year two
  • A high-level look at how strategy changes post-launch
  • Positioning strategies to test
  • Leveraging institutional brand and faculty brands

Listen wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify.

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